Determine your budget

Understanding how much money you have to spend will save you a lot of time. If you do not know what your budget is, it’s worth meeting with a mortgage advisor ahead of viewing property to save you time.

Find your dream home

Check the property portals and our Eddy Estates website, when you have found your desired property, it’s time to get in touch with us.


Arrange a viewing with us, it’s always good to view twice if you have time, at different times of day, just to make sure you get a good idea of the area and neighbours.

Agree deal

Make an offer, negotiate and reach a deal with the vendor, we can help you with this and assist you in making considered offers.

Property Valuation

After you have your mortgage agreed in principal, a surveyor will come and assess the property you have chosen and provide a written valuation to the lender to ensure any mortgage monies are protected.

Full Mortgage offer

Following the valuation (and assuming it aligns with the purchase price), the lender will move from a ‘Mortgage in Principal’, to a ‘Full Morgage Offer’.

Conveyancing enquiries and search queries

The solicitors acting for both parties will engage in a dialogue of queries and answers about the property title and any covenants that may exist over the property.

Exchange of Contracts

Upon satisfaction of all enquiries from the purchaser’s solicitors, both parties will then exchange signed contracts from both sides, ensuring a legally binding sale from here on, this normally comes with a 10% non-refundable deposit from the purchaser.

Practical Completion

If you are buying a new home, this will likely be when the house is complete, if it is not new, it will be by agreement on both sides of a fixed date, this can change depending on any chain or borrowing clauses.

Move house

Time to move. Don’t forget to use our ‘Moving House Checklist’ to help you make the moving process that little bit easier, get ready and get excited for you new home!

Buying a house can be a tricky process, full of problems, delays and unforeseen issues that could make the deal fall apart at any moment. It can be stressful and time-consuming, but that’s where a good agent will assist you in making the process easier and smoother for you. It’s our goal at Eddy Estates to provide an end-to-end service that means we assist you all the way through the process, ensuring that we get you into the house that you want when you want it.

There are many hurdles to overcome in the buying and selling processes, not least the legal paperwork but the intricacies of the property and its vendors come into the deal process and can upend the arrangement at any given time. Being prepared for the unexpected and understanding people and their whims, the personal touch, can be the single most important factor to completing difficult deals without delay and without incurring additional fees.

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