All domestic mortgage brokers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or at least they will be agents of a regulated firms, this is important as it makes them accountable for their advice, ensuring you quality of service. There are many different structures of mortgage that are suitable for different people at different times, depending on their situation and available funds, earning, equity in existing property etc. It’s always worth getting to know your advisor and visa versa so that all parties best understand the current financial position and therefore they will be able to offer the best advice possible.

It is good practice to meet with a financial/mortgage advisor in the early part of your buying journey to ensure you know the parameters of any borrowing that you might be undertaking, as well as knowing the limits of your budget. This will also aid you in any situation where others may be offering on a similar property, a ‘Mortgage in Principle’ which will show what you can borrow can be a good tool to help present yourself as a good, prepared buyer to any vendor trying to discern who to sell to.

Please note, while nearly all other agencies will receive referral fees from mortgage advisors and solicitors, Eddy Estates has never and will never accept any such commissions. We believe that our fees are fair, open and the price at which we are happy to offer our services at to our valued clients. We refuse to operate on reimbursements that are not clear and fair to our clients.

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