Buying a new home can take a lot of the unknowns out of purchasing a property, it is by definition brand new, it comes with a structural warranty and tends to come with a plethora of other warranties on appliances and other items such as boilers, windows etc. The purchasing process is similar to that of an older property but there are some key differences, not least the lack of a chain, therefore, a lot more secure in terms of the deal not being in danger of falling through at any moment that the vendor decides that they want to keep the family home that they’ve had for 30 years.

The key differences will also mean that the process is defined by the completion of the build of the house (unless it is already built), but also that the developer, once reserved, is not allowed to pull out of the deal meaning you will have more certainty over the whole process. Another slightly different element is the reservation process, a deposit, solicitors and a reservation form are normally required to reserve a new build home after which the developers normally aim to exchange within 28 days. This can cause issues in chains but can be easily dealt with by your solicitors or the selling agent who should be managing this process on your behalf. It can, of course, vary from developer to developer, with varying levels of flexibility on timeframes depending on the stage of the build and type of company that you are dealing with.

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