Selling your home can be like selling your most treasured possession, it could have been with you for a long time, have a strong emotional connection, memories or one of many other feelings (good or bad!) that make you feel strongly about it. With emotion comes subjectivity, something that can be hard to understand from the outside. It is in these situations where we must look with fresh eyes at what we are offering to the open market. For example, a dog lover might not be able to smell their own pets in their home, but a pet sensitive buyer may see it as a barrier to a purchase believing that they might not ever get rid of ‘that smell’.

Other barriers to a quick sale may include a difficult title or an obstructive neighbour who plays loud music everytime they see the agent arrive outside. It’s important to understand what those barriers may be to potential buyers and outline a strategy to overcome them, or at least to deal with them in a way that satisfies buyers that may be put off them. It’s our role to assist you in achieving a quick sale at a price that you are happy with and to do that it’s important to work together in identifying any potential issues resolve them.

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